DIY Christmas Paper Angel

DIY Paper Angel

This is a super easy and cheap way of decorate your windows and house this Christmas. And I mean EASY! Once, you learn the folding technique (easy too), you’ll be able to cut out beautiful and unique snowflakes freestyle in less than a minute!

What’s needed?

    • 2x A4 paper
    • hole puncher
    • string
    • bead
    • scissors

Time required

Roughly 15 min

The process

  1. fold the 2 sheets of paper in a fan like manner – make sure they are folded evenly
  2. take one sheet of paper and cut it half – thse will be the winds of the angel
  3. take a hole puncher and punch holes on the top of all three sheets, evenly
  4. take all three pieces of your Christmas Angel and over-lap them on the ends
  5. take the string or ribbon and lace it through the holes in the overlapped pieces of the angel
  6. thread the ribbon/string through the bead and tie a knot at the top


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