DIY: Dandelion Crown (Garland)

Awwwww…finally they are HERE! My little sunny friends 🙂 They bring so much joy to my soul and memories from my childhood back, when my mum and grandma taught me how to make my own dandelion crown. It stayed with me all these years and now that I am a mum, it’s my turn to teach my daughter how to make one. 🙂

Here is a quick and easy step by step instruction to make your very own dandelion garland:

  1. Get about 50 dandelions with long stems
  2. Take one with the longest stem out
  3. Add another one on top of it (crossing them like on the picture number 1 above)
  4. Fold it around the longest stem and feed the stem through from the back and in between the flowers (pic 2)
  5. This will create a little knot (pic 3), push the flowers together and pull the stem gently (pic 4)
  6. Add another flower and repeat the process
  7. At the end, use a thread or a string to tie the crown together

And that is it…well…wait! Make one more for yourself, put a beautiful dress on and dance around in the garden with your daughter barefoot! Trust me … she will remember it forever!


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