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Max&Naoli - Ikea Montessori Kitchen Hack

Practical life is one of the main areas of Montessori education. Children are encouraged to participate in daily activities around the house.

It is only natural that children will want to spend most of their time in the kitchen, doing what mummy and daddy do there.

I am not talking about pretend play, or the plastic kitchens with artificial fruit you can buy for children. No, I am talking about real activities, such as juicing, slicing, grating, peeling, cooking, baking etc.

For some people, it might seem scary to let a child do these activities, but one should never underestimate the mental capacity of children. Trust in them and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how adept they are and just how quickly they learn to exercise caution.

Being big fans of Montessori, my husband and I wanted to create a Montessori kitchen space, where Max and Naoli could freely help out, while we were living at our old farmhouse in Spain.

While searching around the house, a few IKEA furniture items from our last trip were turned into a functioning Montessori kitchen area, which Max and Naoli truly enjoyed and felt a sense of trust and freedom to do the same as mum and dad.

Grandpa and grandma helped out during their ‘holiday’ and Max and Naoli even joined in, when it was time to do the sanding and final paint touch up. We of course, made sure that we used child-friendly paint.

One of many things I really love about this kitchen space is, that most of the child-sized chairs fit this unit perfectly, enabling your child to sit down while helping you out.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to make your own, unique Montessori kitchen space. You do not need to spend a lot of money making it either.

Have fun creating and send us some pictures of yours!

What’s needed?

  • RAST – IKEA bedside table – € 10,99
Max & Naoli - Ikea Rast
  • BEKVÄM x 2 – IKEA spice rack – € 3,49
Max & Naoli - Ikea Bekvam
  • FABRIC – to cover the shelf
  • NAILS & HAMMER – for the fabric and utensils
  • PAINT – you can keep it natural or paint it

The end result:

A Beautiful Montessori Kitchen Space that your child will love


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