A few days ago I came across a beautiful video of an even more gorgeous home made by Anna from Eltern vom Mars. Her place is stunning – I feel like moving in right away! 🙂

Her video clearly demonstrates how truly amazing the Montessori concept is and how close to minimalism it actually stears.

The prepared environment starts at home and it does not mean buying a lot of toys, crazy colours and a lot of noise! Quite the opposite. “Less is more” is the key here, in my opinion.

Adjusting the place so it is not just safe for your child, but also child friendly is the basis of it all. It means lowering shelves, displaying everything neatly within the reach of your child (I mean everything that is safe), age appropriate tables and chairs, real kitchen utensils, real food preparation, real gardening tools and many more.

Did I say real? I mean real! 🙂 That’s what I love about Montessori – the use of real objects that lead the child to be absorbed in real activities and foster necessary skills for the real world.

Below you will see the video from Anna and underneath, I’ve prepared a shorlist of the best videos on the net for you.



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