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“The best age for a child to learn to write is from three and a half year old to four and half.”

(Standing, 1957 p137)

Within the Montessori classroom there are four areas of study of language:

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking
  3. Writing
  4. Reading

In Montessori, letters of the alphabet are introduced as lower case letters and not in alphabetical order, rather in groups of 4-6 letters. There are several approached to this, three of which are listed below:


c  m  a  t 

s  r  i  p

b  f  o  g 

h  j  u  l

d  w  e  n

k  q  v  x  y  z


m  s  a  t

b  f  o  x

w  i  g   l  j

c  u  p  z

h  e  n  r  d

v  k  q  y


r a m f

b i t g 

p o n l

h u s c  

d e x q y

z v w j k

When & How to introduce letters of the alphabet?

First time I introduced the alphabet to Max and Naoli they were 3 years of age. We made our own cursive sandpaper letters and they loved them. I showed them 4 letters a day and kept those out for a week and then introduced a new group of 4 letters the following week.

They mastered them very quickly.

It’s essential to know to introduce the letters by letter sounds and also in the right moment. The video below explains it in great detail:

A very good visual explanation about Montessori language method:

Please remember to be patient, your child might not take to the letters at first. It’s absolutely fine. We are all different. If your child is not interested, put them away and introduce them at a later stage.

Wishing you lot of fun on your parenting journey.

Would you like to make your own SandPaper Letters?

Montessori Sandpaper Letters

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