Montessori 3-part Nomenclature Cards & How to use them

Montessori 3-part Nomenclature Cards & How to use them?

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Each three part set contains:

  • photo-only cards
  • labels
  • cards with photo and matching label underneath

Many of you asked me about the best way of using them. Below, I will try and explain the three main ways you can use them. The traditional way, popular way and a few alternative ways.

First things first, you have to print and (if you wish) laminate these cards. Then cut them out around the edges.

Before you use the cards, make sure your child has a large surface like a rug on the floor, or a large table.

The traditional use of Montessori 3-part cards is for reading activity.

The first step is to present a 3-period lesson with the photo-only cards.

Once the child is reading, you place the photo only cards in a column leaving space beneath for the labels.

Then you read and match the labels to the pictures. The remaining cards with (picture and word underneath) are used as control cards, for the child to check their own work.

There are many other ways to use the 3-part cards, which include:
1. as vocabulary cards – introducing new words to your child
2. as matching cards – matching picture to picture and word to word
3. as a memory game – you can print out two sets of the cards and lay the picture only cards down in the traditional memory game style

Don’t forget to check out our free Montessori 3-part Nomenclature Cards below.

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