Dear friends and kindred spirits,

Welcome to our personal Montessori, love and life inspired website,

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never had the time nor opportunity to do so.

The inspiration for this little corner of the internet came from our lovely children, Max and Naoli, who have truly transformed and enlightened our lives. They came unplanned and they are the best gifts that we could have imagined or asked for.

We are truly grateful for them to choose us as their parents and we try and guide them in life, but also appreciate all the life and love lessons we receive from them on a daily basis.

To you, our dear friends: We hope you enjoy your time on our blog and we look forward to reading your comments and emails.

To Max and Naoli: Thank you our lovelies; you brighten up every passing day and touch people’s hearts with your kind spirits and souls full of love and life.

Mama and papa


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